Paul D'Amico is a gifted designer who brings originality, clarity and meaning to all of his projects. For the Frank Melville Memorial Park, Paul has delivered a compelling and consistent visual vocabulary for our website, print and electronic communication, Bates House facility, and the whimsical, instantly popular new Park mascot - Orson the Owl! 
It's a real pleasure to work with a design professional who understands the problem before proposing the solution and whose humility and good humor underpin his extraordinary client service. PenPixel Design is, quite simply, the best.

Robert Reuter
President, Frank Melville Memorial Foundation

"Professionalism, artistic visions and extraordinary patience are words that instantly come to mind when speaking of Paul D’Amico. Paul assisted me in getting a dream brought to life by designing a webpage for my photography. Allowing me the time to figure out how I wanted it to look and feel, he assisted in every aspect of the design and production of the site. He patiently explained to me the ins and outs of web design, and spent many hours going back and forth answering even the smallest questions. When “launch day” arrived, I knew that choosing him to help in this venture was the right choice. I would highly recommend Paul for all of your graphic design and web needs, as he is a man of many talents, ideas and thoughts.”

Jennifer Sheppard

It’s a pleasure to encounter a design company that combines artistic innovation, technical expertise, and individual service. In an age when good design is taken for granted only exceptional design stands out. PenPixel reaches for the exceptional by combining the techniques of classical design with modern digital know-how. What matters most from the client’s point of view is the intelligent personal service, creativity, and flexibility that can translate the publicity needs of a small enterprise into striking and original images.

David Bouchier, WSHU Public Radio Group

Paul is just the kind of professional – person, really – that you want to work with. He will become a student of your enterprise. He will listen with intent, inside and out. His concepts will impress, but he won't impose his vision. A really, really good guy with terrific skills and experience. Put him on your side."

Michael Conte – Syntax Communication group

Paul D'Amico is an amazingly talented Designer. I have worked with him for over 10 years. My most recent project was the creation of an image and concept for my Interior Design Firm. He listened intently, and ultimately captured exactly the look and feel I had envisioned. He has an incredible "creative mind" which was evident to me throughout the entire design process. His work ethic, patience, and attention to detail are undeniable. He is a true professional. 

Maureen Connolly – Little House of Kitchens

My sincerest thanks for taking  the time to listen to my thoughts and ideas of what I wanted to convey as my brand and translating this information into successful marketing and advertising campaigns that were unique to me.  All the work you did for me (from website design to print ads)  was exactly the message I was trying to get across.  Even when I did not know the exact message myself!  You are talented, patient and know your business, you also have a great sense of humor and a whimsical touch which I am glad found it’s way into some of my ads.  I am sure you have many clients that would be happy to refer you.  Please put my name on the top of that list! 

Fran Saer – Coach Realtors